We’re excited to help you calculate your estimated taxes. We’ll do our best to assuage the fear of a big tax bill come April. You can book some time to get them calculated here. The fee is $150.

The Process

Here’s what you can expect in terms of process:

  1. You pay your fee up front (thank you)

  2. You’ll upload the appropriate information to our tax portal for us to calculate your estimate (see below)

  3. Our Tax Manager Matt will prepare and estimate for you based on your information

  4. You’ll spend 30-60 minutes discussing the results with Matt via Phone or Zoom (video conference)

  5. If you’d like us to actually make the payments for you, please have your routing and account number handy

  6. You’ll receive a brief summary of the call via e-mail

Information We’ll Need

There are a few things we need to prepare your estimates, including:

  1. A copy of your most recently filed tax return. If Mason Tax prepared it, than we’ll reference it. Business owners should provide their business returns as well

  2. We need to know your income!

    1. If you’re a salaried employee, we’ll need your most recent paystub from each job you had this year

    2. If you’re a freelancer, please provide your Profit & Loss statement year to date. If you don’t have one, please explore our bookkeeping services

    3. If you’ve got another special situation (i.e. partnership K-1s not issued yet), please consult upload that information/summary/excel doc to the portal (see below)

  3. We’ll need to know if you’ve made any other separate estimated tax payments that we can give you credit for. Please have a summary of those handy. If you need to reference them, you’ll need to log in to your IRS account here and your New York account here.

  4. Finally, in order to share all of this with us, please log into our tax portal Link here