How Much Does it Cost?

(Business Tax Returns please scroll to the bottom)

Price Schedule <——- Here you can download my price schedule for 2018 tax returns. You can get an idea of how much your tax return will cost you by adding up the schedules that we'll need to file with your return. Think of it as an a la carte menu where the IRS chooses your food for you. If you are having trouble calculating your price I can provide a rough quote over the phone.

Business Returns

Business tax returns (partnerships, S-Corps, C-Corporations - NOT Sole Proprietors) are billable at hourly rates starting at $60/hour and increasing up to $350/hour with minimum of $850 per entity return. We do our best to push down billable time to the appropriate staff level.

Individual Returns - Fee Estimator

For those of you hoping to estimate your fees on your own, please use this tool I built for you. I know it’s ugly, but I’m not good enough at Squarespace to manage the css of embeded code so sue me. A reminder that this is an ESTIMATE in a good faith effort at total transparency. 

This estimate should work for 95% of you. If you have foreign issues, amended returns or need tax resolution services we’ll have to discuss a more accurate fee.