Guide to Tax Season 2019

Here’s The Process (links below)


Now with Links!

  1. Sign engagement letter – Click here to fill it out. I need one from you and one from your spouse.

    Business owners need to use this engagement letter ——-> Business engagement letter

  2. Upload documents to Link – You’ll receive an invite to Link, our Tax Portal, where you can upload your documents once you’ve signed the engagement letter.

    1. The link to book your meeting with me will arrive in your inbox.

  3. Book your face to face meeting or virtual meeting

    1. Meetings are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Any overflow meetings will be handled by my tax manager, Matt.

  4. Pay your invoice digitally

Again, here’s the link to the engagement letter 

New Location

 Mason Tax has gone corporate. We’re now at a new WeWork at 109 South 5th Street underneath the Williamsburg Bridge (by Peter Luger’s). While we had a great run at Yours Sincerely, Shane can’t make it to the bar in 2019. Don’t worry, we have free beer (and cider) on tap at WeWork.

New Fees

I updated my fees to better reflect the time spent on each return. While some forms have gone up, some have gone down depending on complexity. I’ve got a swanky new online calculator that I built for you so that there are no surprises. Check it out here.


New Team Members

Some of you have had the pleasure to meet or chat with one of our new team members, Matt McDonald, AJ Ayers and Joy Lynch. They collectively bring more than 25 years of experience to the accounting space. Here are some more details.

Deadlines are Coming (Just like winter)

Click here to explore both business and personal tax filing deadlines. Hint: the first one is Jan 31.

Related: If you own a business, I need FINAL books and records (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet) by February 15th if you want your tax return file by March 15th. If you need help with this…

Bookkeeping Services

In addition to beer, we also have bookkeeping services on tap. For $60/hour, Joy will help you get your books and records suitable for a tax return. You can book some time on her calendar here.

1099 Filing Service

Freelancers and business owners – If you need to file 1099s, Mason Tax can help. It costs $50 up front with a $10 per 1099 add’l fee. If you need this service, email Matt at           


One last thing. In order to prioritize existing clients, Mason Tax isn’t currently taking on new clients unless they are direct referrals from existing clients such as yourself. Thanks for understanding.


Looking forward to catching up with old clients and meeting those new to the process!